Golf Cart Enclosure Styles & Choices

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Golf Cart Enclosure Styles & Choices


Times are always changing and  golf cart enclosures are no exception. Originally, there was only one style and color of enclosure, the over the top enclosure in bright white. These enclosures were your only option to avoid getting cold and wet while in your golf cart. Currently, there are multiple colors and far superior materials. Marine grade vinyl is now the norm when it comes to enclosure material which lasts twice as long as canvas enclosures.

At Cartpartsdirect, we sell Odyssey and Red-Dot Enclosures. These are a bit bit classier, and come in many colours.

Some enclosures now mount on a track system. This saves the time and effort to add the whole enclosure to the Golf Car; here, the panels of the enclosure mount in the tracks that are installed on the top. You can purchase these track style enclosures in almost any color imaginable with either a stripped or matching solid color valance.

The material frequently found on this style of enclosure is Marine-grade, UV resistant synthetic canvas. There is a trade-named product, called Sunbrella. This material is well known for its superior strength and durability making it highly resistant to discoloration or punctures.

Pro Touring Golf Cart Enclosure

At Cartpartsdirect, we carry a wide variety of universal, track style and premium enclosures. If you have any questions about our golf cart enclosures or which enclosure is best for your golf cart, feel free to reach out to our customer service team for assistance.

Door-Lux Golf Cart Enclosure


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