How to Install Lights on Your EZGO Golf Cart

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A good video on how to install Part# 627421 Gas Economy Light Kit.
LED Light Kit
EZGO Part# 627421 Light Kit
Remove Rocker Panels and Rubber floor cover, exposing the pedal cover--cover near gas & brake pedals
EZGO Rocker Panel remove
Rubber Floor Cover
EZGO Pedal Cover Removed
Remove cup-holder and front panel; this facilitates removal of front cowl and instrument panel.
Remove this panel to remove cowl and instrument panel
 Now for front cowl and instrument panel
 Disconnect wires from instrument panel and set aside.
Next, we must make room for wiring harness and remove eight bolts that secure the cart body to the chassis
EZGo Body Remove from Chassis
Remove the metal wiring channel cover at the front of the body
EZGO Remove Wiring Bracket Front of Body
 We can now install the wiring harness by routing the fuse end from the cup-holder through the wire-harness channel in the chassis to the engine compartment
 Wire Harness From Dash to Engine Compartment
 Wires In Channel To Engine Compartment
Once harness is in engine bay, route harness under air intake and connect to battery; clip fuses to crossbracket on the battery tie down
Fuses on harness secured to battery crossbracket
Connect harness ground wire to chassis
Connect Harness To Ground
Ensure rear part of wiring-harness goes over the fender-liner; insert push-clips into holes in metal support.
Rear part of wiring harness goes over fenderliner and pushclips are in metal support beam holes
 Front of wiring harness looks this way:
Wiring-harness at front
Route the switch connector to the instrument panel
harness to instrument panel


 Use templates included with lights kit to make mounting holes and cutout section for rear lights.

EZGO template for rear lights

Cutting for rear light
Place the four metal clips over the new holes and then place taillight; fasten into place
Fasten rear lights
Finally, plug in each taillight
Plugin rear taillights


Same as taillights; use templates to cut sections out for headlights
Cut headlights section out
Next, take dashboard, remove ignition switch and use template to cut mount for lights switch
Dasboard with lightswitch cutout
after cutting, install switch
Lightswitch in dash
Now, begin reinstalling components; this is done in reverse order of disassembly, with notes and images regarding the lights addition.
Connect light-switch in dash
lightswitch connected
Replace front cowl
Replace front cowl


Connect the headlight to the wiring harness via the two plugs; one for man beam, the other for turn indicator

Install headlight

The composite light assembly has pushtabs; the unit will snap into place with a slight push
Push headlight assembly into cutout
Installed headlights
Now, replace remaining components; what should be remaining are: ziptie any loose wires, tighten body to chassis, replace pedal cover, rubber flooring, rocker covers and cup holder.


Connect red wire from harness to battery terminal; connect ground wire from chassis to battery


Now, you are ready to drive with lights.




taillight before
Think you missed a spot? Watch the complete video
Video to install Gas Light Kit RXV

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