Oil Change Kit for EZGO Golf Carts with Kawasaki & Fuji Engines

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This guide details how to perform an oil change on an EZGO Golf Cart with either a Kawasaki or Fuji Engine.
Not sure which EZGO Cart you have? Our handy guide will tell you what year and model.
Lift Car Using Jack and place jack stands according to owner's manual specifications.
Oil change for EZGO golf cart
Now that cart is on stand, we will first focus on the oil-change if the EZGO cart has the Fuji engine.
EZGO oilchange for Fuji engine
The Oil Filter for the Fuji engine is FIL-0003
Fuji Oil Filter for EZGO cart
Place the drain pan underneath the oil filter flange.
Next, remove the three bolts that hold the filter in place.
Drain oil, remove three bolts from filter
Remove existing oil filter and allow oil to completely drain...
remove filter & drain oil
 Wipe away the old oil; be sure black o-ring is in place.
black o ring for fuji oil filter on EZGO cart
Insert the new filter, ensuring the bolt holes are aligned properly
New fuji oil filter for EZGO Car
Tighten fasteners to 5.8 ft/lbs to 7.2 ft/lbs torque
Now the filter is in place, remove the jack stands and lower the car.
Add 10W40 oil according to owners manual
oil change fuji engine EZGO car
The Fuji engine takes 1.25 quarts of 10-W40 oil, synthetic recommended.
Next, start the engine, let run for 30 seconds, then check oil level after stopping engine
Fuji engine start after oilchange
Now for the Kawasaki engine.
Oil change for EZGO car with Kawasaki engine
The Kawasaki engine Oil Filter is FIL-0016
Kawasaki oil filter for EZGo Golf Cart
Lift the car and drain the oil
Drain oil EZGo car Kawasaki engine
replace the drain plug and remove the existing oil filter
Remove oil filter EZGO kawasaki engine
Using some of the new oil, take a finger and lubricate the new oil filter gasket. .
new oil filter ezgo car kawasaki engine
 Hand tighten initially, tighten half a turn after hand tight.
tighten kawasaki oil filter ezgo car
Now, remove jack stands and lower the car.
lower ezgo car with kawasaki engine oil change
Add 10-W30 oil, 1 1/2 quarts.
fill kawasaki engine with 10 w30 oil 1 1/2 quarts
 The oil should be somewhere between the two marks on the dipstick that show the optimum oil level.
Are you looking for a Tune Up Kit for an EZGO Cart?

Here are Tune Up Kits for EZGO carts:


EZGO tuneup Kit

Tune Up Kit for Fuji Engine 4-Cycle 94~05



Filter for EZGO Cart with Fuji Engine 295CC/350CC 1996 and afterwards



This Tune Up Kit This tune up kit is compatible with E-Z-GO TXT and RXV models with Kawasaki engines.

We have several options that include the air filter, fuel filter and spark plug. Some kits have drive belts also.
Go to our Maintenance Kits page to find the parts you need, along with deluxe maintenance kits. Deluxe kits have drive belts as well as filter and sparkplug.
 This deluxe tune up kit comes with an oil filter and is compatible with 1996-Present E-Z-GO 4 cycle 295cc and 350cc models.
Deluxe Tune Up Kit, 1996-Present E-Z-GO 4 cycle 295cc and 350cc models.

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